Simplicity through integration
Simplicity through integration

Commscope accredited network infrastructure & security devices in North Queensland

Network Communications & Infrastructure

The business landscape of the 21st century is highly competitive, and having the latest communications equipment is essential to giving your customers the best possible service. At SAPE Industries, our aim is to provide our clients with seamless integration of the latest internal and WAN network technology and infrastructure.

We provide comprehensive turnkey solutions that encompasses footing design and installation, installation of all cabinetry and cable management, tower erection and commissioning of the active communication equipment. All staff are full licensed and equipped with the necessary machinery and tools including Splicing Equipment and a Fluke DSX5000 Network Tester.

When our work is completed you’ll have a fully functional and versatile system, designed specifically for your business and its processes. Upon completion of installation, SAPE Industries can provide up to 25 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty through our accreditations with multiple cabling manufacturers. Our communication services include:

Contact our office to discuss a communications solution for your business or refer to our FAQ for more information.

Security Wirings - Security devices in Hyde Park Castletown, QLD

Security & Access Control

In order to secure your business from physical and digital threats, SAPE Industries provides a suite of integrated security and access control installation services. With the constantly shifting nature of modern business, you need a comprehensive security arrangement that is backed by stable communications and network support.

We aim to deliver a system which incorporates peripheral devices, such as network-based CCTV and site access control products. Our service includes full consulting, design and installation, right through to deployment, end-user training and compliance—eliminating the need to bring in multiple security contractors. The result is an easy to use, reliable system ensuring the protection of your premises and company data.

For versatile, integrated security solutions which meet your business’ varying needs, contact SAPE Industries today. We service commercial, industrial, government and mining clients in Townsville, Mackay, Longreach, Mt Isa, Cape York and other remote North Queensland regions.